Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Describe about your bestfriend ^_^

Describe about your bestfriend who have ever had in your akupun jenuh dok ingat kat entri  Temanan 

Dan person yang hamba pilih adalah "Kuno" =_='

A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone put shows to us the true meaning of friendship. Everyone must have a best friend in their life. My best friend is "Kuno". For me, she is my best friend.

She is very understanding. When i have a problem, she always helps me to solve it. Beside that, she is very caring and happy go lucky person. We share great moments together in class. She teaches me Addmaths and as return, i will teach her history. She always be with me through thick and thin condition of mine.

We share strong friendship bond together. We also hang out together when there is a free time. Usually, in a group, we will go to cinemas and have lunch  at KFC.

I used to call her "M.ngah".. This is because, she is very matured person. Her favourite colour is red. I always teased her with "Amboi,merahnya M.ngah". She also loves to eat  and gossiping. We shares favourite hobby together,reading novels.

She is very energetic  and wise person. I always respect her ways in handling problems. From her, i learn many good things.

In at nutshell, everybody's needs a friend in their life. Good or bad, you must accept your friend with a big heart. I always thanks to god for giving me "Kuno" as a best friend in my life :D

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