Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Umrao Jaan

Who here understands anyone
What did I understand what did you understand
We thought you were unfaithful my love
And you thought of us as unfaithful
Do not throw false accusations, my dear
The heart is fragile, do not hurt it like this
False accusations
These tears do no look good in my eyes
So do not burn me or tease me thus
You are meant for someone else, you are not mine
Even if this is true, do not tell me about it
Either tell me the meaning of these dreams
Or do not show my eyes any more dreams
You just got here, sat and now you leave
Do not just come to fulfil one obligation

So many times
To this heart
I tried to explain
But my heart bought me to this place anyway
salute salute
That we have come into your company
Let�s do this job as well then
I aspire to meet you
Look over here and we will become acquainted
This heart has come attached to you
That you are such a gentleman
Whoever we turn and look at 
They become our slave
You have so many things to say
I have so many things to say
If I ever were to meet you alone
We�d say all of these things then
Whether it be love like Laila and Majnu
Or the passion of Shireen and Farhaad
If you step out of line in the slightest
I will add my name amongst theirs

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